Vegan and Vegetarian Support in Kansas City

VegKC's Community Calendar
Vegan and Vegetarian Events, Classes, and Meetings
In and Around Kansas City

This calendar lists all of Kansas City's upcoming vegan, vegetarian, animal rights, and environment-related events, classes and meetings, and notable national/international events. Be sure to scan ahead, as some events require you to pre-register! to add your event!

Note: VegKC neither sponsors nor endorses any of classes or events that are not directly listed as being held by VegKC. Please contact the sponsoring organization for more information.

Tip: Click any event to view its synopsis, then click the More Details link at the bottom of the synopsis to see the full event details.

Tip: If you're signed up to have a Google Calendar (they're free!) you can add this calendar to your Calendars view so you can view all events any time you like! See Google Calendar for more info.


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